Tennis School

Tennis with denomination of origin and quality of export (our slogan) which represents the brand Spain at its best.

About Us

We are a group of tennis professionals who, supported by the experience and tradition of our sport and its top representatives, decided to organise ourselves to create a development tool, since we realised the importance of our tennis and its contribution to the performance of many generations of Spanish professionals and from other parts of the world, who have reached their maximum level thanks to the advantages of our way of doing things and we want to have the opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge.

Our objective

We will be a channel of dissemination, by means of which all the professionals of the Spanish tennis will be able to present their tools, their secrets, their experiences, that will serve to help to develop the new professionals of tennis in the future, in any part of the world, contributing with our focus, our vision, our character.

How we will achieve this

We have a large database of excellent coaches and players who are willing to share their experiences, from all areas of their profession, in a workshop format, where we can present anywhere in the world the opportunity and willingness to know a little more about how we play tennis in Spain. Spanish Tennis Way is all of us… it is a way of doing things that is backed by hard work, constancy, discipline, for the creation of a strong character, a way of playing, that allows us, and this has been demonstrated throughout history, to offer top quality, consistent, solid and constructive tennis.


We wish to contribute to the development of other generations of tennis professionals and to bring our tennis beyond our borders, being a benchmark of good tennis worldwide is our letter of introduction and demands of us, in turn, greater quality and commitment.